Zoning Ordinance

(ADOPTED JUNE 22, 2000)


Section 7.01:  Planning and Zoning Commission Established

Section 7.02:  Commission Officers

Section 7.03:  Meetings of the Commission

Section 7.04:  Rules of Operation and Records

Section 7.05:  Commission Quorum

Section 7.06:  Responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Commission

Section 7.07:  Financial Support of the Commission

Section 7.08:  Annual Report Required

Section 8.01:  Establishment of Board of Adjustment

Section 8.02:  Board Officers

Section 8.03:  Meetings of the Board

Section 8.04:  Rules of Operation and Records

Section 8.05:  Right to Appeal

Section 8.06:  Board Quorum

Section 8.07:  Responsibilities of the Board of Adjustment

Section 8.08:  Decisions of the Board

Section 8.09:  Financial Support of the Board

Section 8.10:  Annual Report Required

Section 8.11:  Land Use Variances Prohibited

Section 9.01:  Compliance Required

Section 9.02:  Notice of Intent to Revoke or Suspend a Permit,

                        Certificate, License or Order

Section 9.03:  Revocation of Suspension of a Permit, Certificate,

                        License, or Order

Section 9.04:  Cease and Desist Orders

Section 9.05:  Appeals of Suspensions, Revocations, and Cease and

                        Desist Orders

Section 9.06:  Criminal Enforcement

Section 9.07:  Civil Remedies

Section 10.01: General Definitions

Section 10-A:  Lot Measures

Section 10-B:  Lot Types

Section 10-C:  Planned Unit Development or Cluster Development

Section 10-D:  Functional Street Classification System

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